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Songwriter Secrets w/ Irina Holzinger, Jerome Reuter, Claudine Muno, Tom Gatti


What is the secret sauce to write astonishing songs, to create outstanding music? What makes the audience dance, cheer and cry? How do ideas, rhythm, melody & sound come together to form a consistent body of work? Who’s behind this very music that makes us dream & dance? In the framework of a Rocklab afterwork, we invite producers & songwriters to share their best kept secrets on how they write & produce music and connect to their audience, to tell the story behind the tunes and tracks. the sound or production hacks.




Wednesday, October 14 2020

Starts at 19:00

Duration: 60 min.

Host: Yves Stephany (radio 100,7)







For this session centered around the art of songwriting, combining lyrics and composition, Rocklab has invited some of the most prominent Luxembourgish songwriters to dive deep into their respective creative process. They will discuss different perspectives on writing music, be it to find one's own niche or to write format-based songs, to develop one's own artistic persona or put one's creativity to work while writing for others, but also matters such as working routine, creative breaks or overcoming artist's block


With Irina Holzinger (IRINA), Tom Gatti (UNISON Studios), Claudine Muno (Monophona), Jérôme Reuter (ROME), the session promises a captivating exchange of creative techniques, artistic insights & practical guidance on being and becoming a songwriter.


About Rocklab Afterwork:


A regular meeting for Rocklab Members, featuring informative sessions, practical workshops, inspiring talks and showcases, all in the relaxed atmosphere of Rocklab. Discuss music-related topics, gather business insights, explore new, creative ways to produce and promote your music and connect with your fellow Luxembourg-based musicians, artists, bands, creative entrepreneurs and music professionals while enjoying a drink together.


In order to participate in our monthly Rocklab Afterwork activities, a valid monthly/annual membership is required. More info on Rocklab Memberships for groups, individuals and pros on