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Family Workshop Future Soundtrack

Interactive Workshop: Future Soundtrack - Create your own science-fiction movie soundtrack

Write your own soundtrack for a sci-fi movie with the help of electronic instruments!


Creating the soundtrack of a great cinematic science-fiction classic, such as Forbidden Planet or 2001, Space Odyssey will now be child's play thanks to Future Soundtrack. With the help of electronic instruments and 3D sensors, participants will learn to manage full sound production, from soundtracks and sound effects to dialogues.


11 May 2019 

14:30 - 16:30 

Family Workshop: For kids (7+) and their parents 

Language: In French 

Ticket: 7,- 

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Get the full experience of 24H Electro for Kids by combining the 2 interactive workshops:

Synths for Kids & Future Soundtrack
COMBI-Ticket: 15,-