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In April and May, parts of Rocklab will again be transformed into a playground and sonic laboratory with workshops for groups & school classes, which can be booked in advance and will be hosted by  DJ Brave, who has specially returned from the deep rainforests of Costa Rica for a few weeks. In addition to these, visitors will find a whole lot of interactive play stations such as the Loop Tisch, the Körpergewichtsmonochord, the Walking Bass or the Stimmenwundertisch, as well as a small studio area, which invite you to play, experiment and discover electronic music in a playful environment

Workshops for groups and school classes


From April 23 to May 11

Fee: 100.-





Vernissage 24H Electro for Kids - Family Music Workshop


21 April 2018

Free entry, registration recommended

The Sound Lab:

This year, Rocklab has teamed up once again with Michael Bradke's Mobiles Musikmuseum to bring you the following interactive play stations:

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DJ-Tisch: 4 stations where participants can play with voice feed and looping

Körpergewichtsmonochord: or how to change the pitch of a sound by shifting your weight

Stimmenwundertisch: four microphones alter your voice and make you sound like Mickey Mouse, a monster or a robot!


About DJ Brave:

With an experience of over 20 years, Patrick Morbach (aka Brave), educator, instructor for guitar, percussion, didgeridoo, deejaying and musico-pedagogical activities, discovers each day his fascination with music anew. During several years, his private alternative music school BAMSS enabled him to share his passion and the positive energy that only music can convey with everyone around. According to Brave "Music is the elixir of life, from a philosophical point of view. We can't and we don't want to live without it!". In 2017, his longtime dream came true when he left Luxembourg to open his own hotel in Costa Rica. Recently, he's also been thinking of reopening his music school under the palm trees. Pura Vida!