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Rocklab Afterwork: Francisco Alvarado - Electroacoustic Composition Workshop


United Instruments of Lucilin and Rocklab are 2 institutions of the Luxembourgish music scene that try to support a sustainable evolution of the sector in different networks. At the crossing point of those activities - creative research in electronic music among others - both institutions now have  met and created a collaboration around an artist residency. While Lucilin is taking care of the instrumental and musical part of this residency, Rocklab is contributing its facilities and research opportunities as well as the resident’s workplace. This coproduction features Chilean composer Francisco Alvarado an offers the artist the chance to create a new body of electroacoustic compositions all while meeting new artists during his 3 weeks long residency at the Rocklab. On November 27, Rocklab proposes an afterwork session that showcases not only the new collaboration with United Instruments of Lucilin, but offers a workshop around electroacoustic composition techniques with resident artist Francisco Alvarado.



Wednesday 27 November 2019

At 19:00

At Rockhalstudio

Free entry, for Rocklab Members only

(Find out how to become a member HERE)


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Here’s the workshop rundown:


-       Presentation of writing techniques and informatic tools in mixed music projects, exemplified by Francisco Alvarado’s works.

-       Softwares : timber experimentation, real time treatments, computer music and making a “tape”. MAX/MSP, Logix Pro X, OpenMusic, etc.

-       Discussion about aesthetic aspects and working methodology in electroacoustic music.