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Wednesday, 19.September 2018

What's new at Rocklab?

We are back from our summer holidays and have a whole lot of interesting workshops, inspiring masterclasses and local release shows waiting for you!

Screaming Fields Song Contest

Check out the Song Contest aftermovie, featuring the winner of this year's Screaming Fields Song Contest amplified by Cactus, EMA, who will be working on her first single release during the next months, supported by Rocklab.

Vocal Performance

19.09 - 20.12.2018 - Rockhal / Rocklab
Are you an experienced singer and would like to work on your live performance and skills? Have you ever wondered how it would feel to perform live on stage, backed by a professional band?  
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Ryan Lott - Artist Talk

25.09.2018 - Rockhalstudio
Ryan Lott, widely known under his moniker Son Lux, will come to Rockhalstudio for an exclusive artist talk. ​
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Beatmaking avec Cehashi

29.09.2018 - Rockhalstudio
Atelier pratique, animé par l'illustre producteur Céhashi, fera découvrir aux participants les bases de la composition et création musicale communes à une panoplie de genres.  
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Maka MC

05.10.2018 - The Floor
Check your calendars and save the date, as the time has come for rhyme acrobat Maka MC to release his new album. His second LP, named “Chantier”, will see the daylight at the Floor of the Rockhal and will take you on a journey through his daily thoughts and life experiences.​
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Tony MacAlpine

08.10.2018 - The Floor
Widely known as guitar virtuoso who is just as skilled on the keys (Concert + Clinic).
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Rock for Kids

13.10.2018 - Rocklab
Family Music Workshop: How does a rock band work? What does each instrument do? What is a song made of?
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David Ellefson

17.10.2018 - The Floor
Grammy Award Winning Megadeth bassist, author, entrepreneur, and Metal Icon David Ellefson.
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Mixage avec Cehashi

20.10.2018 - Rockhalstudio
Atelier pratique qui explorera les aspects de production créative et de mixage en matière d'instrumentaux pour Hip Hop, R'N'B, Soul, Electro.
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Edsun - EP Release

10.11.2018 - Club
After releasing his debut EP N.O., EDSUN is finally ready to show us new art in 2018. His upcoming EP (name will be revealed in the coming weeks) will be released during his Platonic Touch Tour starting in October across Europe and finally in Luxembourg on 10.11.18 at Rockhal.
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Sonic Visions Music Lab

16-17.11.2018 - Hall des Poches à fontes
Join us at Sonic Visions Music Lab - Workshops, panels, keynotes, meetings, mentoring sessions, networking opportunities and showcases – all about music, the music industry and the topics that really matter.
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17th Intl. Record Fair

16.12.2018 - Rockhal Lobby
The 17th International Record Fair features more than 40 international exhibitors who are going to present and put up for sale rock and pop records from the last 50 years. ​
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