Note regarding memberships:

In case you were wondering what's happened to your Rocklab Membership during confinement, rest assured that your membership will be extended for free once Rocklab reopens. The free extension is equivalent in length to the time Rocklab has officially been closed (3,5 months), while taking into account the current period of validity of your membership.

Rehearsal Rooms: COVID-19 measures

Dear Rocklab Members,


We are pleased to inform you that the rehearsal rooms will be open again as of  Monday 6 July 2020.


However, the meeting rooms, the co-working area and the dance room will remain closed until further notice.


In view of the current health crisis, access to the rehearsal rooms had to be somewhat modified. Please read the underneath instructions carefully.


We look forward to seeing you soon,


Rocklab Team



I. Access to Rocklab:


  • Access will only be granted for rehearsal purposes or to retrieve material.
  • Access is strictly reserved to Rocklab members in possession of a valid membership, who have individually signed the official disclaimer (download HERE) and have a valid room reservation. Access is forbidden to any accompanying personnel (friends, fans, family).
  • In order to avoid too many people gathering at the Rocklab facilities, a room rotation system has been put in place.
  • It is mandatory to submit a request for room and slot reservation via Quickstudio at least 48H in advance. We will then confirm the reservation.
  • We will do our best to allow you to rehearse in your usual room and during your usual slots. Please book your usual slots.
  • The number of people per rehearsal room is currently limited to 4.
  • Members wishing to pick up material from their locker or rehearsal room must contact Rocklab beforehand and agree on a date and time.
  • Members will comply at all times with the instructions given on the Rocklab premises, be it via sign postage or by Rockhal and Rocklab staff and security personnel.


II. Temporary access times:


Until further notice, the opening times are as follows:


During the day: rehearsal rooms n°2 and n°6 (producer room) will be open from Monday to Saturday from 14.30 to 18.30.


In the evening: rehearsal rooms n°1, n°3 and n°4 will be open from Monday to Saturday from 19:00 to 23:00.


Please note that rooms n°1 and n°3 will be open alternately every other week. Room n°4 (backline room) will be open every week.



III. Rotation of the rooms in the evening:


Room n°3: access will be given to regular users of room n°3 in week A (06.07, 20.07, 03.08, etc.)


Room n°1: access will be given to regular users of room n°1 in week B (13.07, 27.07, 10.08, etc.)


Room n°4 & n°5 (equipped with backline): regular users of these two rooms will be split into groups  A and B.


Access will be given to group A (weeks 06.07, 20.07, 03.08, etc.) and group B (weeks 13.07, 27.07, 10.08, etc.) alternately.


Please consult the rotation planning for more details.



IV. Sanitary instructions:


  • Rocklab is subject to the official sanitary measures. Additional measures may be taken.
  • Masks must be worn in common areas (corridors, toilets). Access to Rocklab will be refused to anyone not wearing a mask.

  • Common sanitary reflexes ("gestes barrière") must be respected.
  • The official itinerary (see map attached) must be respected.
  • Hydroalcoholic hand disinfection product will be available at several key points in the Rocklab facilities. Cleaning wipes may be available if required.
  • Wearing a mask is also compulsory inside the rehearsal rooms if a physical distance of 2m between members is not possible. Except for the singers.
  • Each singer will use his/her own microphone, equipped with his/her own cable.
  • The use of wind instruments is forbidden.


Gestes barrière: