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Tuesday, 3.August 2021

The Grund Club Songbook - New Episode

Tribute to Kid Colling

In The Grund Club Songbook, a selection of the Club’s songwriters and performers reinterpret each other's songs in a completely new way, rated and commented on by the original songwriters. Episode 3 is dedicated to long-time Grund Club member Kid Colling whose songs are being reinterpreted by Peter Varkonyi, Nelly Pereira & Gilles Saracini. The episode will go live on the Rocklab YouTube Channel on August 5 at 8 PM local time.



>> Watch the episode on YouTube<<

About The Grund Club's & Rocklab’s collaboration:
The Grund Club has made its entry in the Luxembourgish music landscape with the concept of bringing professional musicians and emerging artists together by focusing the musical output on a catalogue of songs made in Luxembourg. Rocklab, as Rockhal's resources & information center, talent incubator and creative space for bands & artists is providing the Grund Club with a new home base and the perfect conditions for the project to keep growing.