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Monday, 18.July 2016

Screaming Fields: And the winners are...

Rocklab would like to thank all the bands & artists for making this year's edition of Screaming Fields a big success! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! After a whole day of music, sweat and screams, the prizes of the 2016 Screaming Fields Festival were awarded as follows last Saturday:


District 7


Best Composition - for the song "Heartbeat"

offered by SACEM Luxembourg and Rocklab: a cheque of 500 Euros and a recording session at Rockhalstudio

Rocklab's Coup de Coeur

offered by Rocklab and the Multipistes Network: a follow-up program with Rocklab's team, rehearsal sessions at Rocklab's rehearsal rooms, recording sessions at Rockhalstudio, a live preparation session and training opportunities in the framework of the Multipistes Network





Best Promo Campaign

offered by ING Luxembourg and Rocklab: an investment budget for merchandising worth 500 Euros


Best Live Performance

offered by the Ville de Dudelange and Rocklab: a concert opportunity at the Fête de la Musique Dudelange 2017 with a live preparation at Rocklab before the concert




Booker's choice

Moreover, Rocklab invited several bookers keen to support emerging artists to choose their favorite acts for a gig at their festival or venue.


Rock The South at Petange – Another from Above

Offered by the Jugendkommission and the Commune de Petange


Stroossefestival – The Kooters

Offered by the Commune de Strassen


On Stéitsch Festival – Another from Above

Offered by the Service National de la Jeunesse


Hop ‘n’ Roll Festival at Marbehan (BE) - Soulhenge

Offered by the Service de la Diffusion et de l'Animation Culturelles de la Province de Luxembourg and the Hop ‘n’ Roll


A concert at the Rotondes – Rat October

Offered by the Rotondes


Music for Good event, on October 8 at the Club of the Rockhal – La Relève

Offered by Médecins Sans Frontières