The Music & Resources Media Library is open, by appointment only, from Monday to Friday, 2 pm to 7 pm. To make an appointment or get further information, please send an e-mail or call + 352 24 555 1.

Media Library

Collection of books and magazines

Rocklab's Media Library offers a large choice of reference material and magazines about popular music. The current catalogue of 900 books and 50 specialised magazines contains biographies of all your favourite artists, books about the music industry, as well as articles revealing the secrets of recording and producing music. With regard to magazines, our range of issues starting with the indispensable NME and frenchy Rock&Folk, and going on to edgy publications such as Tsugi and Visions will delight each and every fan of magazine culture.



DVD collection

Films such as Dig, Control or I'm not there have shown that the adventure of music is still present on the big screen. In the DVD collection of our media library, you'll find all of them, as well as many other music films.


Musek aus Lëtzebuerg / Music from Luxembourg

Part of the M&R Media Library is specially designed to present and promote music productions by pop, rock, metal, jazz, electro and hip hop bands from Luxembourg. More than 5,000 tracks by artists currently available in the “Musek aus Lëtzebuerg/Music from Luxembourg” archive can be discovered at our free interactive listening posts.



You think that a CD, book, or DVD is missing in our archive or in one of our collections?  Then contact us by sending an e-mail.