Artist Support

- Release Package


As a component of our Release Package, Rocklab offers local bands and artists the opportunity to use the Club of the Rockhal, the Rockhalcafe or the Floor as a venue for their release show (depending on venue availability and subject to approval of the artist's project by Rocklab). Thus, the bands benefit from professional conditions for their release and get the best out of the Rockhal's infrastructure. Furthermore, the Rocklab team accompanies the band throughout their release project. All information about the release is included into the standard Rockhal and Rocklab communication media (online agenda, newsletter, flyers).


In order to be granted the advantages of the Release Package, bands and artists must present their release project (date of the concert, promotion plan, requirements, objectives...) to the Rocklab team. Together with the band or artist in question, the team will decide whether the project is eligible for the Release Package.


If you want to find out more write us an e-mail.



- Live rehearsals at the Club or The Floor of the Rockhal:

The Club and The Floor of the Rockhal are the perfect locations for rehearsals and the simulation of live performance conditions. They are fully equipped and offer artists and their technical staff professional working conditions.


Bands and artists from Luxembourg who are looking for a dedicated rehearsal space for a tour or live preparation have the possilibity to work at the Club or The Floor of the Rockhal.

For further information about the conditions for stage rehearsals at the Club or The Floor of the Rockhal, click HERE.



- Musical Project Follow-up


In order to accompany, inform and guide Luxembourg-based bands and musicians in their musical projects, Rocklab offers a musical project follow-up programme tailored to the different needs of bands and musicians playing amplified rock and pop music (rock, pop, metal, electro, hip hop...).

Be it a recording session or a release show, a series of concerts in Luxembourg or abroad or a series of actions aiming at the development of a musical or artistic vision or idea the Rocklab team accompanies and guides the band or artist through the different steps of their project, providing them with a bunch of information and resources (workshops, infrastructures) according to the specific needs of the project.

Find more details and the registration requirements HERE



- Stage, rehearsal, studio: preparation sessions


Rocklab offers on demand preparation sessions for local bands and artists. They are held by consulting musicians or technicians of the Rocklab or specifically hired by Rocklab for this purpose. The preparation sessions may take place in different working environments:


  • At the Club of the Rockhal or the Floor, in order to work on the band or artist’s live performance.
  • At a Rocklab rehearsal room, in order to improve the band or artist’s rehearsal technique or repertoire.
  • At the Rockhalstudio, in order to prepare a recording.

The aim of the preparation sessions is to orient and guide the band or artist in their musical and artistic practice, thereby always respecting the objectives and aesthetics of the band or artist.


If you want to find out more write us an e-mail.


Download Conditions, Pricing Information and Application Form for the Preparation Sessions (PDF).



- Preparation, Production and Release Package (P.P.R.)

The package is designed for bands planning to record at the Rockhalstudio (Record & Mix Module) and have their album or EP release show at the Rockhal. The package contains rehearsal slots in a rehearsal room as well as a stage rehearsal at the Club of the Rockhal. The artist or band is granted a preferential rate for the "Record & Mix" module at the Rockhalstudio.

Download Conditions, Pricing Information and Application Form for the P.P.R. (PDF)