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Tuesday, 2.February 2016

Touring in the Greater-Region (LU, FR, BE, DE)

What do I need to know as a band or artist who wants to tour in the Greater-Region (FR, BE, DE, LU)? Where do I find the necessary contacts and what should I take care of? We have the answers below!


As a band that wants to start touring in the Greater-Region and is looking for contacts, the Greater Region Live Music Directory is definitely the right tool. Containing more than 300 addresses, the directory enables you to identify promoters, venues, concert bars and festivals located in the Greater Region.

Also check out our practical info sheets providing you with essential information regarding various aspects of touring in the Greater Region (Lorraine, Wallonia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Luxembourg) in particular and in France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg in general.