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Wednesday, 20.March 2019

DIY Recording Workshop at Rocklab

How to do your own recording DIY-style? Which microphones for which instruments? Tips & tricks for recording on a shoestring budget? This practical workshop, held by prolific Luxembourg producer Charles Stoltz, will give participants the tools to understand the fundamentals of the recording process, to do a first recording on their own of different instruments (drums, bass, guitar, vocals) and to be able to do a rough mix in order to come up with a first decent demo recording of a song.




Workshop overview:


- sound fundamentals

- DIY improvement of a room's acoustics

- signal flow: source, microphone/DI, mixing table, recorder/interface

- shoestring budget: priorities when choosing the right gear

- soundcheck of the various instruments, microphone placement and settings

- drums, bass, guitar & vocal takes

- rough mix


The duration of the whole course is 2 days.

The first part will take place on Saturday 27 April.

The second part on Saturday May 4.

Ideal for beginners. No prerequisite asked.



At Rockhalstudio

From 10:00 to 17:00

Fee: 50.- (covers Part I & II)

Special fee: 40.- (for Rocklab Members only)

Light lunch included


Bio Charles Stoltz:


Charles Stoltz is a Sound Engineer and Producer from Luxembourg. After stops in London and Amsterdam, he went on to build his own recording studio, “Holtz Studio”. A few years into the job, his customer base keeps growing, always exploring new styles and trying to contribute to his clients’ visions. As a musician, you can see him on stage with the band “MAD FOX”.


Picture: Laurent Antonelli, Charles Stoltz