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Tuesday, 8.December 2015

And the Export Artist of the Year Awards go to…

music:LX rewarded Luxembourg's most active export artists during their press conference at Rockhal.

This year 4 awards were given out by music:LX to celebrate a successful year for the following artists:
Gast Waltzing was the first to receive an award outside of any category. Gast Waltzing’s activities are so diverse that it’s hard to put him in a certain style of music. Be it his career as a Conductor, Jazz Trumpeter or Composer of Film Music. His latest collaboration with Angélique Kidjo has been nominated for the Grammy Awards held in February 2016.
In the Pop/Rock/Electro category Mutiny on the Bounty have been the happy winners. With their cd release on multiple territories and over 59 concerts all over the world they were representing the Luxembourgish music scene like no other band before them.
In the Jazz category the Jeff Herr Corporation has been declared the winner. Having played many big Festivals in India and all over Europe along with several tours the Jeff Herr Corporation were the Ambassadors of Luxembourgish Jazz this year.
Last but not least, in the classical/contemporary category, Artemandoline have received the award. With a worldwide album release on the label “Deutsche Harmonia Mundi” (Sony Music) and several concerts all over the globe, Artemandoline have shown that they have a well-deserved place on the international market. Their latest album has been nominated from the ICMA (International Classical Music Awards).
Those artists, among others, have marked the musical landscape both in Luxembourg and abroad, showing once more that music from Luxembourg has immense potential and is well received internationally.