One of the 6 rehearsal rooms at Rocklab

For Bands and Musicians

In addition to the workshops and training courses held on a regular basis, Rocklab offers a set of facilities to amateur and professional musicians (rehearsal rooms, studio, Club), and a number of support packages (Artist support, Multipistes).


Furthermore, Rocklab organises or co-organizes springboard events and festivals aiming at the promotion of local talents, and a vast array of theme events and festivals (Sonic Visions Music Conference, Rock Tools, 24 Heures Electroniques, 24 Heures Electro for Kids, Screaming Fields...).


Rocklab Membership:


Your access to Rocklab



Facilities at Rocklab:

Rehearsal Rooms & Rental Terms and Conditions


Rockhalstudio & Rental Terms and Conditions


Stage Rehearsal and Residency at the Floor or Club of the Rockhal



Packages and Support for Bands and Artists:

Artist Support


The Multipistes Network - Support for Artists in the Greater Region



Promotion of emerging talent


Screaming Fields Festival





Events & Festivals:


Sonic Visions Music Conference: music conference for artists and music professionals & showcases by local bands


Rock Tools: masterclasses and workshops for pop, rock and metal musicians


24 Heures Electroniques: workshops, masterclasses & tech talks for electronic musicians, producers, Djs & geeks


24 Heures Electro for Kids: The dedicated electronic music festival for kids