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/// 24 Heures Electroniques: workshops, tech talks & shows ///



Since 2009 the 24 Heures Electroniques event is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of electronic music. During the day, Rocklab hosts a series of hands-on workshops and artist talks all focused on highlighting various components of state-of-the-art electronic music making coupled with a set of live shows during the night, featuring international and local acts! The past editions have featured workshops, talks and shows by artists such as Mouse on Mars, Dorian Concept, ModeselektorJeremy Ellis, Sun Glitters and Binkbeats to name but a few.



The past editions featured workshops and artist talks such as:


  • Ableton University Tour (Push Workshop)
  • Writing and Performing Your Music on Push 2
  • Binkbeats Artist Talk
  • Sun Glitters Artist Talk
  • Mouse On Mars Artist Talk
  • Tech Talk avec Dorian Concept
  • Let's get mechanical: Robotic MR-808 Tech Talk
  • Tech Talk avec Modeselektor
  • Pad performance & finger drumming masterclass with Jeremy Ellis
  • Exclusive Ableton Live 9 & Push Presentation with Cristiano Nicolini (Ableton Live)
  • DJing in Ableton Live 9 with Jonny Miller (Point Blank Online)
  • Musica Ex Machina conference with Karl Bartos (former Kraftwerk member)
  • Dubstep & Bass Music production in Ableton Live with Jonny Miller (Point Blank Online)

  • Introduction into modular synthesizers with Andreas Schneider
  • Beatmaking with Dankmar Klein (Ableton Live) et Brian Smith (Native Instruments)
  • Vjing for Beginners with VJ Wunderkind
  • Tech Talks with Florian Senfter (Zombie Nation) and Apparat (Sascha Ring) 


The shows have featured artists such as:


  • Binkbeats
  • Tim Exile
  • Clap! Clap!
  • 24H Lab feat. Andrée Mergenthaler & Das Radial
  • Charlotte De Witte
  • 24H Lab feat. Chook & Pascal Schumacher
  • Mouse on Mars
  • Dorian Concept
  • Moritz Simon Geist
  • Plastic Pedestrian
  • Cleveland
  • Glittersberg (feat. Sun Glitters & Lisa Berg)
  • Twisted Frequencies
  • Binary & Dyslexic
  • Modeselektor
  • Goose
  • Jeremy Ellis
  • The Gameboys
  • Birdy Nam Nam 
  • Does it Offend you
  • yeah!
  • Zombie Nation
  • The Subs
  • Jonny Miller
  • Vwaz

and many more...



/// Ableton User Group Luxembourg /// 


There’s really no better way to fuel your creativity than by interacting with individuals who share your interests. Your local Ableton User Group is where you will find passionate independent musicians and producers ready to share their knowledge and experience. Whether you’re just starting out with Ableton Live or already have a few versions under your belt, the Ableton User Groups are open to any interested Live user.


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