Project Follow-Up

What’s it about?


The aim of the musical project follow-up is to accompany and guide a band or musician through the different steps of a musical project by providing a bunch of information and resources (workshops, infrastructures...) according to the specific needs of the project. The project follow-up starts with the presentation of the band’s or musician’s project to Rocklab and results in a series of meetings with the Rocklab team. During these meetings, the band/artists outline the evolution of their project, make an assessment of the different actions taken and identify their aims and needs. Rocklab advises, guides and accompanies the band or artist in their reflections and actions, respecting at all times the project and its aims.


What is a musical project?


A musical project can be:


  • The production and/or release of an album, EP or single
  • A tour or a series of gigs in Luxembourg or abroad
  • The wish for musical improvement
  • A project aiming at professionalization
  • Or simply a series of actions of a band or artist aiming at the development of a musical or artistic idea or vision


The duration of a follow-up project cannot exceed one year and is fixed via mutual agreement of both parties, the band/artist and Rocklab, at the beginning of the follow-up.



How to benefit from the follow-up programme


In order to benefit from the follow-up programme, a band or artist have to present their musical project (type, duration, aims, stakes...) by filling in the application form available on demand via mr (at) and by sending it back via the same mail address or via postal mail to Rocklab (5, avenue du Rock 'n' Roll, L-4361 Esch/Alzette).


The application is then submitted to a selection committee consisting of representatives of Rocklab and the booking team of the Rockhal. Having considered the nature of the project and evaluated the aims fixed by the band or artist, the committee determines to what extent the band or artist can benefit from a project follow-up.



How much does it cost?


The musical project follow-up is an on demand guidance and information service offered by Rocklab to a selection of Luxembourg-based bands and artists who wish to enhance their working methods and tools. The project follow-up is free of charge and does not grant access to any financial support.


Occasional actions (such as trainings, specific counselling, workshops, master classes), which are part of the guidance and are being suggested by Rocklab as part of the project follow-up might be subject to a charge and to preferential fees.


For more info, contact us via mr (at)