Beside its regular program (workshops, panels, follow-up…) Rocklab organizes and co-organizes  thematic events dedicated to electronic music, rock instruments and tutorials, the music industry or to the discovery and support of new talents.



Sonic Visions: conferences, debates, panels and meetings all dedicated to the music industry and its main components (management, booking, publishing, labels, promotion) coupled with a showcase festival featuring national and international acts.




Screaming Fields Festival: the annual festival for young artists and bands at Rockhal with special emphasis on the discovery and promotion of new talents.




Rock Tools: a whole day of workshops, masterclasses and clinics dedicated to Rock Music, its instruments  (guitar, bass, drums, voice, keys...) and their practice held by nationally and internationally renowned tutors and musicians.




24 Heures Electroniques: the annual meeting for all those who are into electronic music - workshops, masterclasses, tech talks for musicians and producers of all skills and levels.




24 Heures for Kids: interactive activities to make the young ones and their parents discover the complex and fascinating world of modern electronic music