Music Resources

Rocklab offers a bunch of logistical and cultural tools all aiming at information, orientation and musical practice for musicians, artists and partners in musical projects: 


The co-working space:
Meet up with fellow bands & artists, plan your projects, work on your tracks or simply just daydream at Rocklab's co-working space.

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The meeting rooms:
Whether you would like to hold your regular band meeting or the general assembly of your association, retreat to a calm place to get some creative writing or the odd paperwork done, Rocklab offers you two meeting rooms for just that purpose.
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The rehearsal rooms:

Located on the third floor of the Rockhal, Rocklab's six rehearsal rooms offer perfect conditions for music creation.

Furthermore, it is possible to rehearse in "live" conditions on the stage of the Club or Floor of the Rockhal.

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The Rockhalstudio:

The Rockhalstudio is located right at the core of the Rocklab, only a few steps from the media library and the rehearsal rooms. It is the ideal workingplace for professional and amateur musicians and producers. No matter if your are working on your first demo or on a professional production, with the different operating modules of the Rockhalstudio, musicians of all levels benefit from the high-quality infrastructure.

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The Media Library:

Information centre for some, Luxembourg's most rock'n'roll library for others, Rocklab's media library is located on the third floor of the Rockhal. With its large choice of books, magazines and DVDs, the media library is a rich source of information about modern music.

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Online Resources:

In addition to the information available in the media library, Rocklab also offers an online directory of modern music containing information about the main players of Luxembourg's rock & pop scene (concert bars, concert halls, festivals, recording studios...). For those who are looking for venues, festivals and concert bars in the Greater Region, Rocklab offers the The Greater Region Live Music Directory containing more than 200 contacts relevant for performing artists & bands.

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