Multipistes Network

Multipistes is a network of four organisations in the Greater Region (Luxembourg, neighbouring parts of France, Belgium and Germany), which have teamed up to scout, support and promote artists through several programs including artist residencies, training, showcases and live promotion. As one of the first members of the Multipistes network, Rocklab participates in the network’s development and actions by hosting a number of events, such as the workshops, panels & networking sessions during the Sonic Visions Music Conference. The Multipistes network has worked with and supported bands and artists from Luxembourg such as Monophona, Seed to Tree and Mutiny on the BountyDistrict 7, Bartleby Delicate, Maz.


The partners of the network are Rocklab, LAG Rock & Pop Koblenz, Réseau MAEL, Service Culture et Sport of the Province of Luxembourg.


Call for applications!

Another season of the MULTIPISTES Artist Support Programme will start this autumn. Workshops, artist residencies, live rehearsals, counseling sessions with experienced musicians and technicians, songwriting sessions and quality recording time with confirmed producers, all taking place all over the Greater Region (DE, FR, BE, LU). You can apply online now to submit your band or artistic project!


Deadline: 26 AUG 2019